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Self-managed communities have a wide array of reasons for electing to be self-managed.  Some communities choose self-management out of necessity, while others may choose self-management as a method to maintain more control over the operations of their community. Whatever your reasons  may be, most self-managed communities potentially  face the same common risks and challenges. 

  • Do you struggle with maintaining complete and accurate financial records? 
  • Do you have trouble obtaining volunteers who are experienced in HOA financial management? 
  • Do you struggle with finding experienced volunteers  to guide your Board through difficult interpretations of your community’s covenants and restrictions? 
  • Are you concerned that your Board may not be aware of all applicable statutes and regulations? 
  •  Do you have difficulty identifying key vendors to service your Association? 

If you are finding that self-managing may be more difficult than you originally thought, our  team is here to help.  We understand that Board Members are volunteers and it is important for you to find a successful way to balance the needs of your community with your ability to enjoy your neighborhood.   

Our team will work with your Board to identify how our team is able to bring the best value to your community and create a management plan unique to your community needs and financial limitations. 

Key Services Provided

  • Accrual Based Financial Management 
  • Professional Industry Guidance by a Certified Community Manager 
  • Association Budget Development 
  • Reserve Study Coordination & Analysis 
  • Governing Document Modification Assistance 
  • Key Vendor Recommendations 
  • Secure Association Web Portal 
  • Real-Time Homeowner Access to Account History 
  • Online Payment Options 
  • Secure Electronic Storage of Association Records 
  • Homeowner Communication Distribution 
  • Newsletter Development 
  • Association Meeting Planning & Implementation 

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