Sample Ballot for HOA Board of Directors

For homeowners associations, few events matter more than the election of new officers. The volunteers who serve on the HOA Board of Directors play an essential role in promoting the good of the community, including upholding fiduciary responsibilities and preserving property values. As such, it’s critical to have a smooth election process, ensuring that all members of the community feel empowered to weigh in.

One important way to promote effective Board elections is to have all the right forms, including ballot documents. If you have any questions about what a Board election ballot should look like, we recommend scheduling a meeting with your management company to discuss it.

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In this post, we’ll share some general guidelines about ensuring the right voting method for Board elections, and also offer a sample ballot you can use for your Association.

What to Include on Your HOA Voting Ballot

Generally speaking, the requirements for your ballot are pretty basic. We recommend including:

  • A reminder of how many candidates voters may select. For example, you may have a situation where voters can choose up to five candidates to fill open slots, but you have seven people running.
  • A reminder for eligible voters not to sign their ballot, as secret ballots are usually preferred.
  • Spaces for members to write in or check the names of the candidates they prefer.
  • Instructions about cumulative voting (e.g., can a voter throw all their weight behind a single candidate if there are technically multiple spots to fill?)

We invite you to download a FREE voting ballot template now.

Additional Questions About the HOA Voting Process

What is the quorum requirement for an HOA election?

While election rules can change from association to association, most HOAs only require a simple majority of members to be present in order to declare a quorum.

Is online voting allowed in an HOA setting?

Switching to online voting may be allowed, but you’ll need to check the HOA laws in your state. Your management company can provide insight into the legality of electronic ballots, and also help you get the technology you need to transition to an electronic method.

How often do HOAs have elections?

Most HOAs are required to hold annual elections, as part of their big annual meeting. Again, you can confirm this with the governing documents of your Association.

Can HOAs have uncontested elections?

Yes, this can certainly happen. If you have six spaces to fill and only six people willing to run, that makes your nomination procedures and election management pretty simple!

What are the candidate qualifications?

Different community associations will have different stipulations, but generally the requirement is to be a member in good standing of the Association for a certain span of time. Note that eligibility to run for office may be suspended as a disciplinary matter, specifically in instances of delinquent payments.

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Bryan Kuester

Bryan Kuester

Bryan is the CEO of Kuester Management Group. He has over 15 years of managing community associations throughout North and South Carolina.

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