Queens University Area, Charlotte, North Carolina

Are you looking for a Queen City home that’s right in the thick of things—right in the center of the action? The City of Charlotte is sprawling and spread out, offering a number of suburban areas, but also several neighborhoods that feel more metropolitan, more fast-paced and involved. And if that’s the kind of community you wish to call home, look no further than to the area immediately surrounding Queens University.

Queens University at a Glance

If you’re not local, the name Queens University may not be as familiar to you. It’s a private, co-educational school located within Charlotte’s city limits, and its student body numbers around 2,400 students—give or take. The school has several noteworthy programs and academic concentrations, among them Business, Nursing, and Education. In fact, there are 39 majors in total, plus 19 graduate-level programs.

Queens has a pretty robust athletic program, including men’s and women’s sports alike—basketball, cheerleading, cross country, volleyball, and more. In terms of its academic selectivity, the school is generally ranked as mid-range.

Life in the Queens University Area

The student population ensures that life in the Queens University area is pretty fast-paced and offers plenty to do, whether sporting events or cultural happenings. Note also that the school is located in close proximity to the Myers Park neighborhood—one of the most prestigious parts of Charlotte, and the true, historic center of the Queen City.

For families looking to live here, there are a number of beautiful homes and exquisite communities in the area—most of the homes on the high end, but plenty of affordable homes and apartment rentals to choose from, too. Most of the homes in the area are of a true vintage—very few built since 1970, and many predating 1940! For lovers of historic buildings, this is the part of Charlotte to check out.

A couple of further notes: There are plenty of recreational activities near the Queens City area, including golf and country club options. Also note that there are some excellent schools in Myers Park.

The bottom line? Queens University adds much to Charlotte’s cultural milieu, and nearby Myers Park brings a level of prestige all its own. For families looking for that unique cultural blend, this may be exactly the Charlotte, North Carolina neighborhood to check out.

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Bryan Kuester

Bryan Kuester

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