Myers Park Charlotte, NC

Myers Park Charlotte North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina is a city with rich history—and few neighborhoods exemplify that history quite like Myers Park. This is one of the most prestigious, well-regarded, and affluent sections of the Queen City, and when most Charlotte residents talk about the “historic” part of town, this is the area they’re thinking of.

So for families looking to buy a home in the Queen City, and to really experience the city in all its splendor, Myers Park Charlotte North Carolina is the very first place to look!

Myers Park at a Glance

Myers Park is comprised of roughly 2,200 acres and more than 9,000 residents. It is bordered by some of Charlotte’s most major roads—Queens Road to the north, Providence Road to the east, Sharon Road to the south, and Park Road to the west. Myers Park also lies in close proximity to lovely communities such as Dilworth and South Park, plus Charlotte’s “uptown” city center.

Historically, Myers Park has been significant not just to Charlotte’s development but to the culture of the Carolinas more generally. It was once a major center for banking and industry. Today, it speaks to the old guard and to rich, affluent Charlotte traditions—tree-lined streets, curving drives, and noble homes.

The area is serviced by Charlotte’s public transportation system and by Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Schools. It also offers fairly easy access to Queens University and the University of North Carolina. Myers Park has its own prominent public library branch, as well.

Homes in the Myers Park Area

But what about actually buying a house in Myers Park? As we have suggested, this is definitely an affluent neighborhood within an affluent part of town, so it should come as no surprise that the homes for sale tend to be fairly pricey, and vacancy rates tend to be fairly low: When people score a dream house in Myers Park, they don’t give it up easily!

With that said, the homes here really are beautiful and prestigious; alternatively, there are some rental options that are worth looking into. From the standpoint of value, Myers Park is nothing you want to write off.

Plus, it puts you into the heart of Charlotte, which is never a bad place to be. If you’re eyeing a move to the Queen City, make sure you check out the homes available in Myers Park today.

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Bryan Kuester

Bryan Kuester

Bryan is the CEO of Kuester Management Group. He has over 15 years of managing community associations throughout North and South Carolina.

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