Forest Lake in Fort Mill, South Carolina

Forest Lake in Fort Mill, SC

There are plenty of reasons why families choose Fort Mill, South Carolina. Often, they choose Fort Mill because they want to be close to the hustle and bustle of Charlotte while still enjoying the amenities of quiet, suburban life. In other cases, they choose Fort Mill purely for the town itself—for its All American feel, for its lovely downtown area, for great communities like Baxter Village, and so on.

For whatever reason you choose Fort Mill, know that the town has plenty of great communities to call home. One place you will want to check out is Forest Lake, a region that juts up against the North Carolina border and includes some of the nicest neighborhoods and loveliest homes in the general Fort Mill area.

It’s a place any future Fort Mill dweller will want to get familiar with—starting here, with some quick facts and figures!

Forest Lake at a Glance

Forest Lake really does have some nice homes, which means that the average real estate price is on the high side for South Carolina. For families with tighter budgets, though, there are certainly some nice, smaller and less expensive options. Note that there are plenty of rental options, too.

In terms of population density, Fort Mill is very much a suburban area—and Forest Lake is no exception. This is a community you escape to when you want to get away from the constant pace of big city life. With that said, Fort Mill has plenty of features and amenities, and Charlotte is just up the road—so those who occasionally itch for the big city experience can still get it!

As for specific homes in Forest Lake, most are medium to large—ranging from three to five bedrooms. Generally speaking, homes in the area are newer—built in 2000 or later—but there are also some vintage options going back as far as the 1970s.

Vacancy rates, meanwhile, are on the low side—so if you find an ideal home for your family, try to lock it down as quickly as you can!

Of course, Fort Mill has several lovely areas to call home—so by all means, look around! Just make sure Forest Lake is on your list. Many families fall in love with this area right off the bat—and it’s not hard to understand why.

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Bryan Kuester

Bryan Kuester

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