Finding the Best HOA Management Companies in Charlotte, NC

There are a number of HOA management companies in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area—so how do you pick the best one for your HOA?

The first step should be clarifying exactly why you want an HOA management company in the first place. There are many reasons to hire a professional management company—to consult on legal matters, to help streamline your budget, to provide better upkeep for community amenities, or simply to handle day-to-day maintenance and administration. Be clear in what your community association hopes to get out of an HOA management company.

From there, form a committee to do a bit of research, shortlisting maybe five HOA management companies from Charlotte. Do some online research to find companies that have deep roots in the area, and prestigious reputations. Online reviews can be helpful here.

From there, your committee should arrange to hold interviews with representatives from these companies, asking about the services they provide, fee structures, and anything else that interests you. Some specific interview questions to consider might be:

  • How long have you been doing this? Find out the level of experience your potential companies have, and by all means let this be a factor in your final decision.
  • What specific services are available? Get a full list of what the company can do, and make sure it aligns with your stated goals and expectations.
  • What is the fee structure? Ask about how exactly the company will get paid, and determine what the price will be for the specific range of services that you desire; don’t be afraid to ask for a quote that is a la carte or customized.
  • How long are your contracts? It is important to get a sense of how long you will need to commit to the company in question, and what the penalties are for breaking a contract.
  • Who will be our community manager? Determine the specific person who will be managing your community, and spend some time talking with that individual. If it’s someone you just don’t feel comfortable with, don’t hesitate to say so.
  • How often will the manager be on-site? You have every right to know how much time the manager will be spending in your actual community.

Don’t make this decision lightly: Interview some companies and whittle your list down until you arrive at a company you really feel you can put your trust in. If you’re located in the north area of Charlotte we also provide HOA Management in Huntersville NC area.

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Bryan Kuester

Bryan Kuester

Bryan is the CEO of Kuester Management Group. He has over 15 years of managing community associations throughout North and South Carolina.

His specialties include Community Association Management - maintenance, budgeting for operational and reserve funding, long-range planning, covenant enforcement, amenity management, onsite management, large scale management.