Interesting Facts about South Park Charlotte, NC

Before you settle down in Charlotte, North Carolina, it’s smart to do some exploring—not just looking at all the different homes, but at all the different communities. Charlotte has several different neighborhoods that all offer their own characteristics, their own features, and their own amenities. South Park Charlotte, NC is one of the neighborhoods you’ll definitely want to explore before choosing the community you’ll call your own!

South Park Charlotte, NC at a Glance

The South Park community is fairly affluent, and is loaded with retail opportunities. Certainly, if a day spent shopping and dining out sounds fun to you, you’ll love South Park—and not least because of the high-end South Park Mall.

This is also a community that’s well established and mature. There are a number of residential neighborhoods with real character to them, and lasting legacies. In other words, South Park Charlotte, NC is a community to choose if you want to lay down some roots.

What You’ll Find in South Park Charlotte, NC

A few further notes about the South Park community:

  • The neighborhood actually gets its name from the South Park Mall, which opened in 1970 and, with its 1.8 million square feet, is actually the largest shopping mall in the entire State of North Carolina—and one of the nicest, as well!
  • Located just six miles south of Uptown Charlotte, South Park offers close proximity to the Queen City’s business district and to many large companies. It is also a significant residential area.
  • Those who live in South Park have access to Charlotte’s public transportation systems, as well as close proximity to several main roads and Interstate 77.
  • Several major companies are headquartered in the South Park area, including Coca Cola Bottling Company and Piedmont Natural Gas.
  • Carolinas Medical Center provides healthcare to the area, while Charlotte-Mecklenburg County provides both public schools and libraries.
  • Seasonal activities include the Charlotte Symphony’s Summer Pops series as well as an annual Christmas tree lighting, held around Thanksgiving at South Park Mall.

Clearly, there are many reasons to come visit South Park Charlotte, NC. You may even discover that it’s a community you want to call your own. Spend some time exploring the mall, the other businesses, and, of course, some houses—and make sure to pick a community with a vibrant HOA!

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Bryan Kuester

Bryan Kuester

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