Benefits of Being Part of an HOA Committee

Benefits of Being Part of an HOA Committee

If you’re not sure you’re ready to run for a board position, getting involved with a HOA committee in your community association might be more your speed. Rather than overseeing the management of the entire HOA, you’re only focusing on one aspect of it. The board often delegates tasks to the committees so that responsibilities are shared and they can focus on other essentials.

Joining a committee can have many benefits:

  • Exercise your talents in a different way. We all have skills that we excel at or simply enjoy. Maybe you love to garden and work in the yard and would be an asset to the landscape committee. If you’re great at organizing events and like planning activities, a social committee could be a good opportunity. Do you work in customer service or public relations as your day job? You can use similar skills as part of the welcoming committee.
  • Meet new people. If you’re new to the neighborhood, getting more involved can be an effective way of meeting new people. Not only are you getting acquainted with how the HOA is run, you’re able to put together names and faces when you see people around. Depending on what committee you volunteer for, you have the opportunity to interact with a wide range of HOA members and community organizations.
  • Make a difference. We all have ideas for change and things we’d like to see done differently. Instead of complaining, do something about it. If you wish there were more activities for the kids, want to see speed bumps installed, or feel like communication efforts are lacking, there are ways you can facilitate these things. Speak up and become part of the decision making process. You getting involved also helps to take some of the burden off of the board because they can trust committees to handle certain responsibilities and report back.
  • Work up to board membership. If you’ve been thinking about joining the board but were unsure, committee membership can be a good intermediary step. You become familiar with the board members and board operations as well as how committees function. Committees are slightly less responsibility and commitment, so you can first see if that works well for your schedule before stepping up even more. If you do run, you will have already made connections, built a positive rapport, and shown your dedication to improving the community. By being a familiar face, you can earn more votes and hold more credibility.

The number, size, and type of committees available will vary from community to community. If you don’t see a committee you think should exist, suggest forming one – and be prepared to spearhead the project. Do your part to help your HOA community association run more smoothly and effectively by getting involved.

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Bryan Kuester

Bryan Kuester

Bryan is the CEO of Kuester Management Group. He has over 15 years of managing community associations throughout North and South Carolina.

His specialties include Community Association Management - maintenance, budgeting for operational and reserve funding, long-range planning, covenant enforcement, amenity management, onsite management, large scale management.