On any HOA board, there are bound to be some volunteer members, from within the community itself. This is true even when there’s a professional association management team in the mix. The duties of the community association are so numerous that having some volunteer members is key.

Most volunteer members will serve for predetermined amounts of time, but there may arise a case in which a board member needs to resign from his or her post. There is, of course, nothing to prevent a volunteer board member from resigning from the HOA Board. This does not have to be for any reason other than the fact that the volunteer member is moving, or family obligations have simply made it difficult to continue serving.

The question, though, is how a volunteer board member goes about resigning from the HOA Board or Committee without causing any more hassle or headache than is necessary for the remaining board members! There are three basic steps that a board member should follow when seeking to resign:

  1. The first step is to provide an official, written notice that you plan to resign. Your notice should be short and professional, and there is no reason why you should feel compelled to explain your reason for resigning—unless you simply want to! You should, however, include the exact date on which your resignation will be in effect.
  2. In the interest of keeping all community members in the loop, you should not just submit a written notice to the board itself, but also distribute it within the community. Something as simple as posting it on a communal bulletin board should do the trick.
  3. If you’re able to provide any kind of advance notice of your resignation, then that means you can also assist with the transition. Volunteering to help train your replacement, or the interim member who will be filling your shoes, can go a long way toward easing the process.

At the end of the day, you probably don’t wish for your resignation to become a burden to the entire community. Following these steps can ensure that this isn’t what happens!

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